Warts is a problem that is due to a virus known as papillomavirus or HPV. To get these undesirable skin growths deleted people are told by their doctor to proceed through with surgery.

However, you can develop bad looking scars when you go through with overpriced surgery. Rather than having surgery some individuals would rather make use of natural wart removers to get their skin back. Probably the most preferred and most effective natural removal procedures involves utilizing duct tape.

The Truth on Duct Tape

Many studies have proved that duct tape is an exceptionally efficient way to get rid of warts. In one analysis researchers likened the duct tape method to the surgical treatment identified as cryotherapy.

At the end of the study 85% of the individuals that gotten the duct tape strategy eradicated their warts. Meanwhile merely 60% of all individuals treated with cryotherapy achieved the wanted results. When you use duct tape to get rid of your warts you will not have to worry about scars that make your skin look unpleasant, or pain as this natural method is painless.

How Does Duct Tape Do the trick?

There are a couple of reasons why doctors think duct tape works so well when it comes to eradicating warts. The first reason is because the wart cells die from a loss of oxygen getting into the affected area.

The duct tape will help make your immune system become strong enough to eliminate the virus triggering the growth of your warts is the 2nd reason. In any case, duct tape is a fantastic wart removal procedure that actually works if you accordingly apply it.

What Is The Proper Way To Eradicate Warts With Duct Tape
Plenty of folks really want to utilize duct tape but they do not know what they need to do to use it the correct way. To appropriately employ this natural wart removal procedure you must apply a piece of duct tape over the affected area and leave it there for 6 days.

You need to make sure the piece of duct tape you make use of is large enough to completely cover up the warts on your skin you're targeting. When the six days have elapsed take off the tape and wash the affected region. Repeat this again for six days the very next day.

Whenever the seventh day comes scrub away the dead skin cells from the affected region with a pumice stone as soon as you remove the duct tape. Complete this duct tape technique for close to 2 weeks to notice a real difference.

In most cases it should take around two complete months to clear warts totally making use of duct tape. The tape will slip off from time to time whenever you perform this method of wart removal. If the tape does fall off you should promptly replace it as the idea is to suffocate the warts by keeping oxygen from getting to them.

Never give up applying the duct tape to the area affected until you witness the root of your wart showing itself. If you stop before the root is revealed you are likely to mess up all the progress you have made since you started off the treatment.

The only time you should keep utilizing duct tape is if you do not recognize any symptoms of inflammation surrounding the affected region where the warts are situated. This method does not work for every individual that effectively, despite the fact that duct tape is very effective.